Eligibility criteria

  • 60 percent marks or above in Class XII and 50 percent or above in Graduation. Teachers applying for teaching class XI, XII and IB DP should have 50 percent or above in post-graduation. (It is mandatory to be a post graduate to teach class XI, XII and IB DP).
  • Please follow this link if you are interested in working with us. This will allow is to process your application and register you with us. After registration you will be contacted via email/ SMS, if shortlisted further.
  • You are requested to fill in the online application form to apply. Only pre-registered candidates are eligible for further processing.

About the online form

  • You will be tested and interviewed on the basis of your ‘First Preference’ of ‘Subject’ and ‘Class Preferred’.
  • If you are applying for a HOD position, you will need to appear for a PGT level test in your specialised area.
  • The IB Diploma Programme is offered only at the Gurgaon branch. If you have applied to teach this programme, your application will be automatically reviewed for Gurgaon, irrespective of which ‘Preferred Posting Location’ you select.
  • Your job location will be as per the ‘First Preference’ of ‘Posting Location’ specified by you in the form. However, the school may recommend your profile to the ‘Second Preference’ of ‘Posting Location’ specified by you in the form, depending on current vacancies and after consultation with you.
  • You have been provided one option for child/children studying in the school and professional training & experience. For additional input, click on the link provided at the bottom right of the box (e.g., add another course).
  • Please mark ‘NA’ wherever information asked for is not applicable to you or your profile (e.g., in the work experience table if you are a fresher).
  • Select "Next" after completing every section of the form.
  • On submitting the application form, you will receive an email confirmation on the email ID specified by you in the application form, with the registration number.
    HONESTY DISCLAIMER: Any detected act of dishonesty at any level during the recruitment process, including information provided in the application form that is not the result of a simple misunderstanding, will immediately disqualify you without further clarifications.

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