Mr. N.C. Jain
Chairman, The Heritage Schools

“The purpose of education must coincide with the larger life purpose of those being educated.” This firmly held belief is what drove the founder of the Heritage School, Mr. N.C. Jain, to enter the field of education over 15 years ago. His philosophy, passion and belief have been the guide for many to find their own truth in their lives as his presence continues to inspire the next level of changes in the education eco-system. Known for his philanthropy, he is actively involved with various social organisations for welfare work.

Mr. Manit Jain
Director, The Heritage Schools

Master’s in Education from Harvard University

When Mr.Manit Jain began his journey in the domain of education in the year 2000, his deep disillusionment with his own education resurfaced. He saw that a child’s ability and knowledge were judged and her future determined purely by how she did in exams in a rote-based system. He realised that our education system’s shortcomings must be overcome if our children are to retain their basic curiosity and develop into thought leaders that the nation needs. Thus began his quest for an alternate system of education that would be child centric and shape thought leaders and nation builders.

This quest took Mr. Jain to some of the best schools in the U.S., U.K., Europe and India. Determined to make a difference, he consulted with the best brains across the globe to evolve a 21st century curriculum along with teachers trained in progressive methodologies. In this context, he himself completed a Master’s in Education from Harvard University. Manit’s role models include thinkers such as Sri Aurobindo, Krishnamurti, Kurt Hahn, John Dewey and Rudolf Steiner, amongst many others. He considers himself a life-long student and believes that individuals and organisations must continue to learn in order to realise their visions.

Mr. Vishnu Karthik
Associate Director and Senior Programme Leader

Master’s in Education from Harvard University

Vishnu Karthik is the definition of passion and this reflects in his ‘being’ and ‘doing’. His journey - A management Consultant at Right Management, Accenture delivering projects across geographies to that of a Senior Programmer Leader curating deep learning experiences- is one of a deep-rooted conviction in the role of education in creating sustainable and much-needed change leaders and social entrepreneurs in society. A Master’s in Education from Harvard University and an alumnus (MBA) of Symbiosis Pune, you will forever find Vishnu constructively dissatisfied and on a quest to improve instructional leadership capabilities, student leadership and build deeper learning curriculum. He is also a grade 9 & 10 Economics teacher.

Also an Associate Director with The Heritage group of schools, “Work is a medium to reach perfection and freedom. I believe the aim of all work is to be a Karma Yogi,” he says.Outside of work, you will find him meditating in the high Himalayas or making an ardous trek to challenge him, thumping in his royal enfield motor cycles or writing reflectively and deeply as he did on his 14 day lonely voyage across the Arabian Sea on a cargo ship and one that translated in a travelogue aptly titled ‘Seeking’ that he co-authored with Swami Mitrananda.

Ms. Kaye Jacob
Principal, The Heritage School, Gurgaon

Former Principal Woodstock School, Mussoorie

Formerly the Principal at the Woodstock School, Mussoorie, Ms. Kaye Jacob is a veteran educator with 40 years of experience across international schools in the U.S., Japan, India and Egypt. Born into a family of educators, Kaye’s love for teaching started early in her life and her vast exposure helped her own journey from the classroom to the principal's office. Ms. Jacob has a Master's degree in Educational Policy and Administration and a Bachelor's degree in language arts education, both from the University of Minnesota. Just before joining The Heritage School Gurgaon, she completed a three-year assignment with ESOL (Educational Services Overseas Limited) to start and establish the West Campus of the American International School in Egypt.

After 30 years in international schools, Ms. Kaye’s search for a school that is firmly grounded in the local community yet open to international best practices has led her to The Heritage School where she provides leadership on a plethora of key issues. She brings to the school a wealth of ideas, a deep understanding of processes for professional development, an abiding love of children and adolescents, and amazing enthusiasm. But the most endearing aspect of her personal leadership style is her belief and perseverance in focused issues such as the literacy, for example, with a focus on the development of critical reading and reflective writing skills which will ensure that students are prepared to be lifelong learners in a world where adaptability will be key. Ms. Kaye makes for a great sounding board for advice and life guidance to teachers, students and parents alike.

Ms. Neena KAUL
Principal, The Heritage School, Rohini

“Education is an inward journey which manifests itself in the world outside. It reaches its destination only when one builds an insight where there is no memory, no remembrance, no conclusion, no anticipation and no reaction.”

Ms. Neena Kaul, an educationist truly believes that education is the only possibility that can create human beings with goodness that arises out of harmony between mind and heart, where there is craving to learn and grow with objectivity, and an urge to seek a balanced and contended life. Children if educated well can transform the society into a desirable abode.

With this vision at its core, Ms. Neena Kaul has served as an educator for the past 26 years in several roles starting from that of a Teacher, Principal and a Director. Her passion for teaching and her love for children got her to work “with” children and not just “for” them. With Masters in English Literature and Bachelor’s Degree in Science, she became a Principal at the age of 26 and has to her credit the remarkable achievement of establishing four top quality schools as the founder Principal.

Vision exists when people in an organisation share an explicit agreement on the values, beliefs, purposes and goals and when it is visible unanimously in ones thoughts, words and actions. Creating that vision is a venture which she could successfully achieve in all her organisations.

Ms. Sunita Swaraj
Principal, The Heritage School, Vasant Kunj

Ms. Sunita Swaraj is a firm believer in the counsel from the sacred Bhagavad Gita: “You have a right to perform your prescribed duty, but you are not entitled to the fruits of action. Never consider yourself the cause of the results of your activities, and never be attached to not doing your duty.” This is the work ethic that informs her passion for teaching and education. Along with her 16 years of experience in teaching and school administration, Ms. Swaraj is an advocate for a well-rounded personality development of the child. Under her stewardship you shall find the campus abuzz with student clubs and guest lectures, speakers and events to allow students to develop life skills that serve them well in life, work and play.

Being the daughter of a defence officer, she had a disciplined upbringing. “When you’ve got solid commitment and solid objectives, you’ve got a much better chance to reach your goal.” she says.

Ms. Smriti Jain

Masters in Learning and Teaching and Instructional Leadership, Harvard University

With a solid base and foundation of 11 + years in teaching and teacher development, first at Mirambika Free Progress School and then at The Heritage School, Gurgaon, Ms. Smriti Jain is also the co-founder of I am a Teacher (IAAT), a not for profit organisation, that will prepare teachers to change the dynamic, structure, context and the very face of Indian classrooms.

At The Heritage School, Ms. Jain shepherded the crucial transformation of the middle program from a conventional to a more experiential, progressive, relevant and child-centred programme. An empathetic leader, she built a culture of inclusiveness and provided the space for the teachers to reflect and grow to bring about this transformation. A Masters in Learning and Teaching and Instructional Leadership from Harvard Graduate School of Education, Harvard University, Ms Jain’s growing frustration with the apathetic state of teacher education in India led her to start a movement to transform our classrooms and through the launch of IAAT.

I am with you, my child
And learn with you
I am joyous
I am me
I am a teacher
- Smriti Jain

Mr. Rajesh Jain
Director, Strategy

Alumnus- Harvard Business School

Mr. Rajesh Jain, an alumnus of Harvard Business School and Hindu College, is an experienced entrepreneur with nearly 25 years of experience in setting up and leading organisations across diverse sectors such as real estate, education, export manufacturing and information and technology. He has also provided guidance and direction to a multitude of social initiatives in the healthcare and education verticals. A second-generation entrepreneur, he has been associated with the Heritage School Group since inception.

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